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Corporate Identity Design

The corporate identity of your brand is the logo and colors. We increase your brand value with the creation of your corporate identity and logo designs. If you need a new corporate identity or change about your brand, we help you create your corporate identity.

We support you with 3 different identity packages as each customer’s needs will vary.

  • Your Logo / Emblem
  • Your Corporate Fonts
  • Your Corporate Colors

(This package generally covers the services needed by all companies on SME scale)
In addition to Service Pack 1 :

  • Your Logo ( Masculin or Feminine Forms)
  • Logo Usage ( Rules and errors)
  • Your Business Card and Your Letterhead Designs

(This package generally covers the needs of growing SMEs and international companies)
In addition to Service Pack 2 :

  • Corporate Identity Booklet
  • Accounting documents (Continuous form, Invoice, Waybill, Receipt)
  • Staff Clothes Designing (Tshirt, hat designs etc…)
  • E-mail Design
  • Presentation Format Design ( PPT,PDF)
  • Car Designs
  • Building facade advertising cladding
  • Design rules for promotional materials such as newspapers or magazines
  • Kraft Paper
  • Promotional Matterials
  • Calendar